Games have not been used allot they are almost Brand new
   Nicosia District
 December 4, 2016
Playstation 2  with 5 joysticks and lots of games.    PS2 me 5 moxlous kai polla paixnidia
   Limassol District
 September 9, 2016
Wii Fit, with Wii board and rechargeable battery - USB - 4 controllers,4 cases ,4 nunchucks,1 gun, 3 games , wii fit, wii Sports, Need for Speed Nitro
   Limassol District
 August 24, 2016


ps3 fat 250 gb me 2 moxlus 40 cd games gta v k.a xoris cod me led vasi gia ps3 playstation move ke pexnidi camera led piramida fortisis moxlwn k.a
   Nicosia District
 August 20, 2016
Guitar for wii game console Κιθάρα για το παιχνίδι wii
   Nicosia District
 July 8, 2016

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